Building a human-like neural network chess engine

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Recently, a group of individuals from the University of Toronto set out to build a chess engine capable of playing human-like moves and making typical mistakes that humans are capable of. The goal of this project was to build a chess engine named “Maia” trained on chess games of human players and basically imitate their play. It is an ongoing project that uses chess as a case study to improve human-AI interactions.

Maia was trained on millions of online games from Lichess to be able to correctly predict human moves.

Translating, analyzing and visualizing text data to extract useful insights

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Comprehending the reviews of customers is very crucial for a business to be successful. Analyzing the reviews helps to properly discern the customer different preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. These extracted insights can then be used to improve customer service and experience.

In this article, we would be working on a Brazilian E-commerce reviews dataset where we would perform some exploratory data analysis (EDA) on reviews text, derive meaningful insights from our analysis, and then translate our outputs from Portuguese to the English language for better and easier understanding.

Dataset Description

This dataset was taken from Kaggle and was generously provided by Olist…

Staying Productive and Focused in a Remote Workplace

Ever since the emergence and the massive effects of the Coronavirus pandemic all over the world, most businesses and organizations have started working remotely in an attempt to drastically reduce physical contact. Big organizations have quickly adapted this form of working and through the help of online communication platforms, working from a distance has been greatly facilitated.

In this short and instructive article, I would be sharing 7 important tips that would help you as a remote data scientist or intern.

1. Plan your day well

Applying data science in the e-commerce domain

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This article was written as part of Hamoye Stage G Data Science Internship.

E-commerce( Electronic commerce) is a form of commerce carried out online, it refers to the buying and selling of goods (or services) on the internet. Over the years, E-commerce activities have bloomed in all parts of the world due to the rise in the use of mobile devices, and the ease at which products can be ordered and delivered at the comfort of your home.

A Journey to Becoming an Experienced Data Scientist

In June 2020, I stumbled across a post about a remote data science internship program that was open to everyone who wanted to participate. As a mathematician and one who loves data crunching, data analysis, and model building, I quickly registered in this program. There were lots of other interns from all over the world and this provided a great opportunity for networking and tackling problems from different perspectives.

These past six months have been very intensive as we have carried out tough tasks ranging from taking courses on basic introductory concepts, to working on real-life data science projects and…

Predicting Annual Restaurant Sales as a Multivariate Regression Task

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Stage F of the Hamoye Data Science Internship brought about another different and exciting perspective as my team worked on a restaurant revenue dataset. We were required to analyze and build models to predict the annual revenues of different restaurants. Below is a link to the dataset

This competition was carried out six(6) years ago on Kaggle, and the winning team, Team Arsenal emerged with an RMSE score of 1,727,811.48553. My team worked on this dataset and got an RMSE score of 1,741,204.57557 …

A comprehensive guide to exploring and deriving insights from text data

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In this rapidly evolving world, data is being generated everyday at a very fast pace, these are structured and unstructured data ranging from Big data to tweets made on Twitter, posts on Facebook and messages on WhatsApp. The availability of data has made it possible for data analysts and scientists to understand and gain deeper insight in human behaviour, observe trends, predict future events etc.

I decided to leverage on this data availability and work on a relatively new and interesting dataset gotten from WhatsApp. The task was analyzing text messages by applying Natural Language Processing (NLP). …

Chess to many people is just a game of 32 pieces on 64 squares fighting to capture each other’s king. What most people do not realize is that chess is a miniature version of life, you need to be flexible,assess risk, make quick decisions and build up a positive mindset. There are lots of lessons and skills to be learnt from each game played; Here I focused on just three(3) skills that made deep impressions on me.

  1. PATIENCE: Patience is a virtue that chess can impart. Personally, I don’t think there is anything more annoying than having a winning position…

NLP driven travel recommendation engine

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During Stage E of the Hamoye Data Science Internship program, my team worked on an open source project revolving around hotel reviews. We built different hotel recommendation systems. In this article, I would be sharing the approach I took in building one of the exciting recommender models.

This recommender model which we are building will be able to take in the description of hotel choice and location inputs and recommend hotels based on the tagged features of the individual hotels in each country. We will use the 515k Hotel Reviews Data in Europe dataset from Kaggle. This data was scraped…

Iwuozor John

Mathematician, Data Scientist. I enjoy playing chess and employing my analytical skills in solving complex problems.

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